Keep Your Business Energised With Business Energy Price Comparison

August 4th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

The big energy companies are aware just how vital it is for companies to get good energy deals, and there are plenty of different options available for business energy deals. Most of the large companies have specific business energy tariffs available, while even the smaller providers have begun to specialise in business energy deals.

It’s a myth amongst business owners that comparison only really works well for residential customers. However, while comparison is certainly more vital for home energy users due to the huge amount of choice available, that doesn’t mean that business energy price comparison isn’t a great way for your business to save money. After all, there’s still a big difference between different tariffs and after rental costs and staff wages, energy prices can be the third biggest concern any company has to worry about! Here’s a rundown of some of the major energy tariffs available in the UK right now.

British Gas: British Gas offer ‘small and medium’ business energy and ‘large’ business energy prices. They define large as any business that spends over £50,000 on energy or that has more than 20 individual locations. The smaller tariff offers fixed rates for an agreed period which lets you know exactly what you’ll be spending a month, while the larger can also offer flexible rates. All British Gas business customers are appointed an account manager who is responsible for dealing with any enquires, registration, switching or metering.

EDF: EDF have a similar scheme to British Gas, with a tariff for small and medium businesses and another for large businesses. Their definition is quite a bit different though, with a large business needing to spend only £30,000 a year on electricity. Small businesses have the option of fixed rates for up to 3 years, while large business can choose between fixed and flexible options with monthly or quarterly billing. EDF provides business energy customers with a business adviser as well as providing companies with free energy advice to help them to reduce their fuel cost.

EON: EON has over 500,000 business customers and are one of the largest suppliers of energy to businesses in the UK. It has a single tariff available, which is designed for companies that spend less than £100,000 on energy a year and have less than 50 sites across the country. Business customers can benefit from free energy advice, a discount for paying by direct debit and the choice of either a one year or a three year contract.

Scottish & Southern Energy: Businesses choosing SSE for their energy are able to get fixed prices for their entire contract, along with a range of different contract periods and payments methods. Each business customer is appointed an adviser and SSE offer local customer service and billing support in either Scotland, Wales or England, with the option of visits from an advisor to talk about energy needs.